The revolution will not be televised!

Living in today’s high tech world, one would think that you couldn’t survive without watching programs on television. Without television, where would we get inspirations on lifestyles, morals, affirmations, abominations, and/or justifications?

We would be force to think for ourselves!

It’s been four years since I’ve watched television and if you would ask me 30 days prior to four years ago if I would ever think about not watching television I would have called you crazy. Lol

This is how it all began………

I wanted to do a 30 day visual fasting, which required me to not watch anything derogatory about my people for 30 days and the only obvious way to do that is by turning the television off.

So for 30 days I didn’t watch television at all. It as very difficult for the first couple of days due the fact that we are all creatures of habit and I automatically wanted to turn the television on when I got home from work, but I was strong and 30 days came to a close and my confidence in being myself magnified times 10 and I was totally at peace with the individuality of my standards of happiness that the time of the tube gave me.

Now it’s the 31st day and I was ready to get back into my regular routine with a stronger since of self to ward off the evilness of subliminal messages of self hatred that programs embed in my people.

But jut as I was about to turn the television back on, something hit me.

I realized that in 30 days I accomplished more, learned more by reading, and fine tuned some areas of my business that enhanced the vary essence of Thierry Baptiste. It felt like I just finished an accelerated college course. Then I realized that it was not acceleration escalated at all, it in fact was a normal pace that my mind had the ability to work at if given the opportunity. So I never turned the television on again, thus give affirmation to the quote of Gil Scott Heron stating “THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED”

Television programs alter your definition of happiness and anyone who doesn’t comply with these standards are looked at as slackers, failures, rebels, or the one that I’m called the most, I’M CONTENT, because I have the knowledge, skills, and finances to live the American dream yet choose to life a more earthly lifestyle and refuse to accept anything put upon me that degrades my spirit for the desire of the dollar. Freedom is free people and only you can free your mind. If you are waiting for someone on television to say that it’s okay for you to look like the kings and queens that ruled the earth centuries ago without the assistance of manipulating your hair, you will be waiting for a long time. If they told you that you were perfect, then why would you purchase the products they feed you to believe will sometimes create or subliminally enhance your happiness?

With that in mind, you have learned the information that is the foundation of how I think and why I run my business the way I do. I do what I do to please me and when my clients come into my world, I share my knowledge, wisdom, and love with them through the creators powers that flow throughout my body and into your locs with your service.

My consultation is very through and one should be realistic about making the commitment to my policies ad be prepared to take on the responsibilities that being a leader in your community that comes with wearing a crown.

Am I the best? Many would say yes, some would say one of the best, and few would say not at all. Does that matter to me? No. Whether you like me or hate me, you will respect my business in the same manner that I respect the time.

But to answer the question; I’m not the best. I’m the birth of a new generation of locticians that manifests from holistic natural hair training passed down from our ancestors, the technology that you only can learn by going to cosmetology school, and the organizational time management skills that most stylists will never understand if they have not worked in corporate American.

Like the lives of biracial children, Christian rap, and/or the future African American or female United States President (whenever that happens), I will probably never be fully accepted in any of these worlds, but I don’t have to deal with that because I don’t have a problem with my part in the legacy of the growth of my peoples’ hair, spirit, and “soul” belief that we are naturally beautiful.

This is my very first blog ever and I welcome all positive energy and comments of growth shared by you on my page.

The first of anything great normally starts as a thought , then manifests into a plan, that you then work into a lifestyle that is comparable to your own standards of reality, and then and maybe only then will it be on television.

The revolution of your positive self image is only seen through your eyes in the mirror first and until you demand respect you will not get it.

Welcome to my interpretation of this world based entirely on how I feel today.

Kings and Queens of the world, I am Thierry Baptiste.


~ by thierrybaptiste on September 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “The revolution will not be televised!”

  1. Wow…you really have a point about Television. Anyway, Just wanted to say hello and compliment you on all of your work. It’s amazing! I have been natural for 2 years and have started to loc my hair *excited* I guess I’m going to have to make a trip to IN because there are limited amount of salons that are able/willing to do locs in Minnesota =o( but yeah, I’m glad I came across this site! Beautiful pictures btw!!!!


  2. Hey Thierry,

    I’m moving from London to Leeds (UK) and have said to my husband “let’s not take the TV with us, let’s make more time to chill and chat and work in peace instead”. Well, I didn’t get a unanimous vote LOL!! I’m making a conscious effort to watch less TV, even it it means working or reading in my bedroom when my husband and son want to watch TV and I don’t want to get distracted.

    This is a great blog topic, please come back and write some more.

    All the best,


    BTW, I’m still looking forward to your styling DVD xxx

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